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Safety First!

At Broadband Communications, the health and safety of our employees is top priority.  Our mandate of “zero injuries” is evident in our accident claims-free work history, which spans 28+ years.  Broadband has a vested interest in protecting our staff by managing our operations in a controlled, systemized and well-planned manner.

We mandate that our employees actively engage in safe work practices and accident prevention, while maintaining productivity standards and high quality services.  Our team leaders are trained to manage employees and the tasks at hand in a manner to eliminate or minimize risk.

Using proven methodologies, maintaining a highly trained and skilled workforce, and ensuring that safety is a priority, guarantees that projects can be completed not only on-time but often at an accelerated rate, with no cost-overruns.

Our highly skilled Broadband employees perform in a controlled, contemplative, well-documented and properly supervised manner.  They are diligent, efficient and meticulous — thereby avoiding risk, accidents and down-time.

Jeff Paine, Founder & President