network performance, greater bandwidth, fiber optics, systems analytics


To meet end-users’ increasing demands for greater bandwidth for data, voice, sound and multimedia, telecommunications companies are investing in fiber optics as the fastest and most reliable media to provide solutions.  As a result, IT departments are growing and becoming more technologically sophisticated.

To meet this growing trend, Broadband Communications’ technicians have the experience and knowledge base in providing support to IT personnel, partnering with them to optimize the performance of their networks.  We take the lead role and are the implementers in configuring new sites.

Regardless of the size, we can configure your IT Infrastructure.  Through our Systems Analytics and sophisticated monitoring tools, we provide ongoing 24 hour / 48 hour snapshots of performance, to minimize collisions and identify IP conflicts.

In configuring new systems, Broadband Communications’ mandate is to provide the optimal performance and “up time” for your networks, ensuring that you stay connected.

Working with high security Departments of Communications, Broadband has become “The Go-to Partner” in resolving intermittent problems and quirks in systems delivery.  Through our sophisticated monitoring tools, we have been able to detect physical radiation leaks into off-air channels and identify “audio-buzz” sources, thereby minimizing downtime and restoring systems to function at their optimum.

Jeff Paine, Founder & President