data centres

Data Centres

Broadband Communications provides end-to-end solutions from inception to completion, to ensure that the Data Centres – the heart of your operations – stay connected, run error free and perform cost efficiently.

From Planning and Design, to Installation and Maintenance, to critical emergency restoration services, our technical experts maximize the performance, functionality and scalability of your data center.  Whether your needs are for modularity or flexibility in design, coaxial or fibre optic cabling solutions, IP applications or data centre consolidation, Broadband Communications has a well-earned reputation for innovation and reliability.

Our innovative Data Centre designs deliver customized, future-thinking cabling infrastructure solutions, creating the optimum configuration of equipment racks, cooling fans, patch panels, etc. to support our clients’ wired and wireless communications platforms.  We have provided time-sensitive, security-critical Data Centre emergency restorations to diverse industries, including Government and Military services on-site / in-building communications.  As a result, we have succeeded in ensuring uninterrupted connectivity for G2E (Government to Employee) and G2C (Government to Citizen) voice and data applications.

Disaster Recovery Trailers

Disaster Recovery Trailers: Keeping you Connected 24 / 7

To meet our clients’ unique needs, Broadband Communications has configured massive 53ft long portable Disaster Recovery Trailers.  With these “head-ends on wheels” – and our fleet of tow-trucks – we answer your call 24 / 7 to provide splice-ins to main routers on-site, and to minimize your downtime.

Contact Broadband Communications to maintain, retrofit or design a unique new Data Centre for you – whether portable or stationary – to increase the productivity and connectivity for your organization.