fibre optic installation, structure cabling


Broadband Communications understands that speed, security and reliability are critical for your IT and communication needs, whether wired or wireless, and regardless of the industries served.

Our team of 20+ expert installers have perfected “The Art of (Structured) Cabling” and are frequently selected for first-time installations to set up the base templates for new networks, data centres and head-ends.  Furthermore, the Broadband Communications team has achieved top level security clearance and is a trusted partner for Military and Government installations.

Through mandatory safety certifications and advanced training, our perfectionist team has achieved an admirable reputation for installations that are strategically planned to be efficient with the usage of manpower and materials, and therefore are completed on-time, on budget and error-free.

To expedite project installs from inception to completion, the Broadband Communications team stays on-site as required, and is on call… to answer your call, virtually 24/7.

At Broadband Communications our installers take pride in their work and take the initiative in fixing problems before they become an issue, resulting in downtime.  This customer-centric, pro-active approach has made Broadband Communications a trusted and reliable partner for cabling solutions across Canada, for the past 28 years.

Matt Paine, General Manager