structured cabling planning

Planning & Design

At Broadband Communications, the mandate for our team of highly skilled Engineers and NCTI accredited Technicians is to strategically plan out networks, wireless sites, head-ends and data centres to the minutest of detail, to optimize installation efficiency and lower operating costs.

Using essential, industry-standard Microsoft Visio and AutoCAD systems, we create Detailed Design Plans and engineering drawings to ensure error-free installations and retrofits.  Through our client-focused, systematic Needs Assessment Analysis process, we understand your objectives, set priorities and maintain ongoing communications, with client accessible real-time data entry.  Our comprehensive plans include the monitoring of project phases with well-informed milestone decisions, to deliver timely, error-free installations.

Our comprehensive strategic Planning and Design services provide optimum turn-key solutions for:

  • Network Architecture: Planning and Maintenance
  • Fibre Optic Networks
  • Head-Ends
  • Wireless Networks
  • Emergency Response / Disaster Recovery Trailers
  • Data Centres
  • Digital TV and Phone Systems
  • High Speed Internet
network architecture, fibre optic networks, head-ends, wireless networks, data centres, digital TV

Choose Broadband Communications as your best-in-class technology partner to plan and design infrastructures that deliver on reliability, security, speed and flexibility, resulting in turn-key solutions for your competitive advantage.

Over the past 28 years, Broadband has attracted the expertise of industry-leading Engineers, Designers and NCTI accredited Technicians.  Through their diligence, we created a systemized Needs Assessment Analysis to optimize the Planning and Design of new networks, data centres and our unique, innovative Disaster Recovery Trailers, in our mission to keep our clients connected.

Jeff Paine, Founder & President