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Troubleshooting & Emergency Response

For close to three decades, Broadband Communications’ certified technicians have been armed with leading-edge “Visual Fault Identifiers” and sophisticated test equipment.  Our pro-active, knowledgeable team’s mission is to reduce network risk and eliminate downtime, especially in emergency situations.

With heightened demands for national and local security in emergencies, Broadband Communications has been a trusted provider for critical troubleshooting services.  Through our proprietary, custom built, massive 53ft Disaster Recovery Trailers, Broadband ensures that first-responders – Police, Fire and EMS – have uninterrupted connectivity for voice, data and multimedia communications.

Broadband Communications’ multiple locations and our efficient, systemized processes ensure that our team responds in real-time when dispatched.  We are dedicated to fixing issues before they become mission-critical network problems… on-time, every time.

Broadband Communications prides itself on the expertise and skill-set of our employees.  Since our clients’ security, productivity and connectivity are paramount, we are not a training ground for inexperienced, seasonal staff.  Each of our technicians is a qualified, fully equipped team, on their own — with their personal tool-set — to be the most time, response and cost efficient possible.

Matt Paine, General Manager